Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble

Yesterday was cloudy and we were a little stir crazy so the three of us piled in the car and went to see the volcano. Lassen National Park is a wonderful volcano located between Red Bluff and Mt. Shasta in California. It was in the mid 70’s at the campground and the mid 40’s! at the park!! Coldest we’ve been in a long time.

Daphne has become such a good traveler. She pesters us for five minutes to become a front seat dog and when that fails she settles in and naps until the car stops. When we arrived at the visitor center she got out and met all of her new admirers – and there were lots of them. It’s interesting how almost everyone has a Basset Hound story. Some people have had them – some people have raised them – some neighbors have had them. People seem to remember every time they have seen one. All to Daphne’s benefit!

The road through the volcano is full of twists and turns as it seems all national park road are. The person who laid out NP roads must have had quite a sense of humor.

Our favorite spot was the bubbling cauldron.

As always, click on a pick to enlarge it. Click on the video!

The view was great also. The peak for the road was 8,500 feet, although the peak for the mountain is somewhat higher.

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