Blessing of the grapes

The park we are staying at is about 3 miles from a Monastery that is also a vineyard, New Clairvaux. We have been there several times to visit and purchase wine. We even joined their wine club!

The church at the Monastery was built about 900 years ago and was moved, brick by brick from France. It has an incredibly serene energy to it!

We attended the 17th annual blessing of the grapes a few days ago. What a great party! There were local vendors with cheeses and meats and other lovely items. There was a wine tasting of several of their wines. Apparently ( I didn’t know until this) wines are graded on a 100 scale. Twelve of their wines have scored above 90, two above 99, and one has received a 100. These are surprisingly inexpensive – most bottles around $20.

Inside the church – old exterior.

The crowd

The procession – about 24 resident monks

Our first delivery of our subscription.

I have to say that I have been drinking cheap wine for a couple of years and will now have trouble not drinking good wines. Here is the site for anyone interested.