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Visiting Those We Love

One of the wonderful benefits of being a full time traveler is the ability to see the people we care about who we wouldn’t normally get to see. I have had the chance to visit cousins in Nashville, my daughter in Chico, California, a dear friend in Pennsylvania. Kate has been able to see her Aunt Vickie in Arkansas as well as friends in Nevada and so many more.

This month we visited my niece Kari and her husband and two wonderful kids in St. George Utah. We stopped in briefly last year but this year we stayed two weeks and what a difference that makes. They all made time for us and visited with us and did activities with us. It felt like we were really re-connecting and that is a wondrous feeling! I can’t thank them enough for making so much time to be with us. We had a simple meal at our campground and two delightful meals at their house.

The four of them. You are all wonderful!

We stayed about twenty miles north of of Washington, where Kari and Robert live. No big deal right? Well it turns our that in Utah altitude is everything. They got rain – we got snow!

St. George is a very family oriented city. The downtown is very walk able with museums and a large park and a carousel and a children’s Museum. Laila and James had a very active and fun time at the museum. Kari and I followed them and nudged them on at times but they both thoroughly enjoyed it and we enjoyed watching them.

We also went to ghost town between St. George and Zion National Park. It was formed in the 1800’s with the idea they would grow things to sell and prosper. It turns our that their land flooded and they could only grow enough to survive. The buildings are conserved by volunteers and it was really fun.

Visiting Kari and Robert and James and Laila is one of the highlights of my year!

Daphne sunning herself.

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