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Quartzsite Housing

We have been in Quartzsite, Arizona since the middle of October. Quartzsite is a desert community of about three thousand full-time residents. In the winter it balloons to over two hundred thousand as RVs swarm in to stay in the desert. Services are minimal and dust is everywhere.

We have been here before but this is the longest stay. We met several friends who were coming here so we settled in to visit and save some money. We made camp about 3 miles from the main entrance to the BLM gatehouse in a section called the Magic Circle. It is an area of three hundred acres that is clothing optional – let the titillation begin.

It turns out that in this case clothing optional means that lots and lots of men are naked and lounging around and a few women do. We even joked about the fellow who would walk naked on the walking path everyday – with his larger than average appendage swinging to and fro. He was “walking” his penis.

What has really fascinated me here is the number and variety of living accommodations. There are people here in half million dollar rigs and there are people here living in tents and a great variety in between. I love how folks have adapted what they have available to make a home for themselves. Most everyone is friendly – at least to a point – and we have made many friends here.

Below are photos of some of the different homes that are here.

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