Pennsylvania Dutch

This is the farthest east we’ve been so far! We are staying in the middle of the Pennsylvania Dutch area. It sure is green and beautiful. So different from the desert that we left a few weeks ago.

Lots of driving – something may only be 10 miles away but takes 30 minutes to get there. No straight roads.

The Amish farms can be really large. I always thought of them as being small buildings with a few acres. The houses, barns, and outbuilding can really add up to quite a large compound. It is just a great place to visit!

Not sure if this was on purpose…

Several beautiful covered bridges.

Buggies parked while the men are at work.

Amish school

There is a small school every few miles so that the children can walk or ride a scooter to school. With 8-10 children per family there are always lots of children. They go to school through the 8th grade.

Amish farmer plowing

The above three photos are Amish farms. They have no electric connection to the world but do make use of tractors and compressors. Some of their tools and appliances are pneumatic – run from propane. Mules and horses are still used to managing the farming though. This farmer has eight beasts plowing with him!

Very unimpressed with my presence

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