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Back to New England

I haven’t been in New England for several years – and Kate has never been. I spent all of my life in Northern New England so it has been interesting to see it with fresh eyes – and tourist eyes.

We spent a few weeks in eastern Pennsylvania – see also the blog on Lancaster. I have a high school friend who has spent her adult life in the area and she showed us around and gave us a great time!

One of the five beautiful covered bridges in the area

Sunset on Blue Mountain

We stayed at one of Carolyn’s friends houses in their yard at the base of Blue Mountain. These two photos are from the top of the mountain.

The farm we were at used to be a dairy farm – I love old barns.

The three of us at a vineyard wine tasting.

We took a day and went up the Delaware water gap – wonderful twisty road with water falls.

Kate and I took a day and went to Bethlehem to see the old steel company. I am ever fascinated with old equipment and factories. I have been here a couple of times and still haven’t been able to show the scale of the operation.

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