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What a great time! I got a chance to see cousins that I have’t visited with in a few decades – I got to see the Parthenon – and lots more!

We mooch-docked at my cousin Bev’s driveway. I was our first time using the solar in a not-sunny spot. While we slowly drained the batteries we were able to camp 5 days and still had power to spare. I consider that successful!

Nashville is a city under construction. My cousin Dave (yes I have a cousin Dave, an Uncle Dave, and a grandfather Dave) says that Nashville has created a national shortage of building cranes. I wouldn’t even have considered that!

Lots to do and lots of places to eat. We’ve had trouble staying on our KETO diet because the food options are so much fun.

The Parthenon is in the middle of the City Park. It was built, along with many other, now gone structures, for the centennial. What a beautiful building.

The Cheekwood Estates had a beautiful mansion and wonderful gardens. We stayed several hours and barely scratched the surface. They even had a garden railroad set up for kids to interact with. It just so happens that I was one of those kids.

As an avid watcher of Antique Archaeology we just had to visit their retail store in Nashville. The location is wonderful – lots of cute artsy stores in the same building. I have to say I was disappointed in the store itself. Lots of VERY expensive items and then lots of coffee mugs and magnets and such promoting the show. I had hoped for better.

Dinner out with the Cuz’s. l-r Me, Kate, Bev, Alex, Sharon, and David.

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