Custer State Park

I’ve been in the Black Hills area all summer and have done lots of things but haven’t posted them. I have very mixed feelings about this area. This whole region really belongs to the Native Americans. They consider the Black Hills to be sacred. Early on Congress signed a treaty giving them almost all of this region in exchange for safe passage to the west. Once gold was found in the area Congress annexed most of the land back and only allowed the Aboriginals to have a small, desolate area for a reservation.

Even the Supreme court in a ruling called what we did to be the worst travesty of the era – but failed to address it in any meaningful way. There is lots of unoccupied federal land here could be turned over – but we won’t do it.

One could try to argue that you can’t measure those times against our current morals but even then we knew it was wrong.

Click on any of the images to see larger versions.

Anyway – I have decided to post some of the interesting sites I’ve managed to photograph.

Kate & I (and of course Daphne) went on a road trip through the Southern Black Hills. Most of this area is Custer State Park. We were definitely not alone as the Sturgis Rally is going on – there were hundreds of bikers.

Once in the park there is a large sign saying “Keep your distance from the Bison” HAHAHAHAHA

A short while later we encountered our first Bison. Several were blocking the road having a grand time.

These burrows came right up to us – hoping that we had some treats. They are descendants of burrows brought in for the mining.

We saw these two next to the road

It is incredibly beautiful here.

We then went up a road called Needles Highway. At the top are these magnificent formations.

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