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The first part of April we started our long and slow trip east. As most of you know, I haven’t been east since I left a few years ago. Kate has never been to New England so it will be exciting.

On our way to Tennessee we stopped in Colbert, Oklahoma – about 2 hours north of Dallas to visit a friend of Kate’s. Then north where we stopped in Peducah, Kentucky for more friendly visits. Then Metropolis, Illinois and then Nashville, Tennessee!

The solar panels are working great! They keep us charged up and not worrying.

In Nashville I was able to see cousins that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. It’s wonderful to reconnect with them.

Great pic of Superwoman in Metropolis!

We visited the Pantheon in Nashville. It is a full size replica created as part of the Tennessee Centennial Celebration. Great art exhibit inside as well as Athena!

A visit to the Cheekwood estate and garden.

We stopped in at Antique Archaeology to connect it to the show. It was small but fun. I think they make more money selling trinkets than the items they find.

Daphne loved staying with Bev and John (cousins). They had lots of cats and Daphne tried to make friends. They also had Maddie & Marley. All of them were tired by the time we left.

Dinner with the Cuz’s. It was wonderful!

Made this while we were there. One of my better efforts.

Diner we ate breakfast at. I love this woman!

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