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Lock em up!

Alcatraz has been on my list for several decades. I end up in the area for a few days and there is a two week waiting list for tickets. Absolutely worth it!

The day we (Kate, Elizabeth, and I) went was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky which is so unusual for the bay.

The prison was opened in the 1800’s as a fort. Then it became a civil war military prison and then became a federal maximum security prison. It closed in the early 1960’s. Almost all of the buildings were still closed because of Covid but it was still very impressive. Rumor has it that there are some solitary cells that are caves under everything – created during the Civil War and used into the 1960’s.

This is where the guards lived

This is a fog shed. I’m not sure how good it was

View from the exercise yard

Steps at the exercise yard

The walls of the yard are about 12 feet tall so it is impossible to see the bay or the city while outside. Well behaved inmates could go outside the wall to tend gardens and such. You can see the water from the industry and the laundry buildings as well.

All of the fresh water used for drinking and washing and laundry had to be brought over by barge.

This is the remaining guard tower

View from inside looking out windows.

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